GenIUL S.L has a new product in the market, HighPure EMA. It is an EMA reagent with the best quality possible. HighPure EMA is HPLC-purified (purity > 98%) with NMR quality control, and it presents a very efficient covalent interaction of the monoazide with DNA because it is diazide free1 and is only made up of the active isomeric form.

HighPure EMA is supplied as dry powder, convenient for long-term storage. Its presentation is in 0.5 mg micro container with screw tap vial for easy use (0.5 mg x 10 vials).

1Graves DE, Watkins CL, Yielding LW (1981) Ethidium Bromide and its photoreactive analogues: spectroscopic analysis of deoxyribonucleic acid binding properties. Biochemestry 20:1887–1892.