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PAUL-Photo Activation universal light

Photo Activation Universal Light (PAUL) – Open platform for different sample containers. A laboratory system for photo labeling the DNA/RNA of dead organisms through the use of photo active intercalating reagents. The samples treated with the system enable the detection of DNA/RNA from only the living cells by PCR, Flow Cytometry or Fluorescence Microscopy.

Photo Activation Universal Light (PAUL) system is thermally stable with a constant and uniform light dose and is compatible with Elisa plates, Culture plates and Bottles, Petri Dishes and Filtration membranes. The Photo Activation Universal Light (PAUL) combines high power LED with the proper optical alignment of the experimental support to ensure the maximum efficiency in the binding of the reagent to DNA.

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Unique Features

  • Multi format platform, compatible with Elisa plates, Culture plates and bottles, Petri dishes, tubes
  • Maximum efficiency in the reaction of photo activation
  • Uniform light dose at room temperature
  • Simplicity and efficiency
  • Compact and rough instrument
  • Time and power easily programmable by keyboard
  • Interchangeable base support, with two different heights for optimizing the exposure
  • Base support can be removed from the instrument and can be heated or refrigerated to modulate the temperature during sample treatment

    This scientific instrument allows optimizing photo labeling method programming by keyboard different parameters such as light intensities and photo activation times.

    Technical Specifications

    Width275 mm (10.8 in)
    Height128 mm (5.1 in)
    Depth160 mm (6.3 in)
    Weight3.6 kg (7.9 lb.)
    Peak wavelenght (Typical)460 nm
    Maximum container dimensions
    Length128 mm (5.0 in.)
    Width86 mm (3.4 in.)
    Height18 mm (0.7 in.)
    with standard platform
    42 mm (1.7 in.)
    with thin platform
    Power Range100-240 V AC
    Frequency Range50-60 Hz
    Maximum Power77 W
    Overvoltage CategoryII
    Place of operationFor indoor use only
    Pollution Level2