About VetIUL

Enlightening Fertility


VetIUL is IUL’s youngest division, starting research activities in 2014. MaXipig the first light-activation device for boar sperm was first presented in June 2016 and research on other livestock species was followed by cows.
IUL’s knowledge on light equipment and University Researchers in UAB (Barcelona) and UdG (Girona) made possible to build the first boar sperm stimulation chamber in the world.


With trials carried out in farms all over the world, from Japan to Canada. VetIUL has proven its performance working with different sow genetics, farm managements, and sperm qualities.

Patented System

The Procedure to improve sperm quality in mammals is patented world wide.

What can we do for you?

We design

The design department is, without a doubt, the core of VetIUL SA. Teamwork to bring technological innovations to the final user: The Veternirary technician and the farmer.

We manufacture

All and every one of the instruments produced by VetIUL SA go through a strict quality control, following the latest normative for the industry

We commercialize

The quality of production, the ideas that the vetIUL products incorporate and a reasonable pricing granted vetIUL a worldwide recognition. Nowadays there are more than 100 vetIUL users worldwide in more than 10 countries.