Corporate Social Responsibility

Part of the Global Community

CSR Vision

IUL’s operations have a social, environmental and economic impact. That’s a fact we take seriously and dedicate ourselves to managing responsibly.

We believe in the triple bottom line, People, Planet & Profit are very close related, and we do our best to keep developing and providing useful, reliable, high quality products and services fully respecting the Community and the Environment.

From the very first day in IUL our initiatives are focused on long-term projects that directly aim on making our Community more cohesive, our Planet safer and our Company stronger.

Working in IUL

We aim to maintain a safe, cheerful working environment free from discrimination where employees can express autonomy and creativity and easily perform their duties.

In our facilities in Barcelona we have chill-out zones for our employees’ engagement. Our flexible timetable is of great assistance in reconciling family life with professional life. These helps IUL to have a very low employee turnover.


IUL is committed to promoting socially responsible public policy and conducting our business in accordance with the laws and standards of the countries in which we operate.

Our products are designed and developed to accomplish long term use and to reduce resources consumption in a wide range of work environments.


IUL is committed to reducing our environmental footprint and seeking sustainable programs and policies at every stage in the life cycle of our products.

Our initiatives are focused on recycling, waste management, water management, renewable energy, reusable materials, ‘greener’ supply chains and reducing paper use.

Our role in the community

We work with
and for the people

We take care of
the planet

We believe in
long-term projects

We’d love working
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