Since 1987, IUL provides instruments for a more comfortable, reliable and safe microbiological control for the industry. Today IUL has 4 main divisions, focusing all of them on innovating in the biosanitary field.

IUL Solutions

Innovation since 1987

The strength of the company resides in bringing innovation into the classic microbiology. All of the IUL SA designs contain an original and unique idea, that in most of the cases is a worldwide patent.

How IUL can help you

In your microbiology lab

To solve a tedious or insecure job or a problem that requires the use of an automatic device

If you work with Lateral Flow Test

MedIUL Lateral Flow Test Readers for in-vitro diagnostics (IVD). Coming Soon.

In your farm

An easy way to increase fertility rates and litter size by using a cutting edge technology: light stimulation of sperm.

Do you have a project?

We offer our knowledge and capacity to help your projects come true.