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Smart Dilutor W – Gravimetric Diluter

Smart Dilutor W is the solution for labs seeking full processing capacity and traceability in gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing. This device ensures precision, speed, sample handling sterility, and detailed tracking of procedures.

Its precise weigh cell and powerful peristaltic pumps provide optimized gravimetric dilutions/ liquid dispensing to food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic quality control labs. Samples are inserted inside sterile bags held by a sterility-ensuring holder. Smart Dilutor W weighs samples and dispenses an accurate amount of broth, diluting the sample to a configurable dilution factor (rational number). Samples are now ready to be homogenized for further testing.

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System Highlights

User friendly: The instrument is commanded from a touch panel for easy operations and the 2-point calibration cuts calibration time to a few seconds.

Flexible: The instrument allows for an array of possibilities including multiple diluent usage, linking of two pumps to gain extra dilution speed, liquid dispensing. Diluents can be dispensed from any ready to use media bag or ISO 4796 lid bottles.

Connectivity and traceability: The device can be used with a barcode scanner to drive its advanced traceability features and send information to a printer to print records.

Compliant with ISO 7218, 6887-1 and FDA BAM

Application scope

The gravimetric diluter Smart Dilutor W offers an advanced automation solution to both gravimetric dilutions and liquid dispensing. Adapted to dilute samples both in 400 mL and 80 mL bags, the device can process samples of up to 5 g with an error <1%. It can dispense diluent from both ready-to-use media bags and regular media ISO 4796 bottles. One and two pump units are available. Five levels of instability tolerance make it possible to operate the device on unstable surfaces such as in laminar flow cabinets or on workbenches where a blender might be generating vibrations.

Records of dilutions can be kept by connecting Smart Dilutor W to a printer. Barcode scanners can be connected to the instrument to identify operators, samples, and diluents.

Bags can be placed in order in Portabag bag holders pending further processing in Masticator blenders for homogenization. A specific platform and a multilevel dilution make it possible to perform dispensing procedures.

How to continue processing diluted samples

After dilution, sample-containing bags can be stored in Portabag bagholders, pending homogenization in Masticator blenders. Once homogenized, the Eddy Jet 2 spiral plater is used to reduce the number of plates processed, offering a threefold decimal dilution counting range in a single plate. Following incubation, plates are automatically counted and fed with the Plate Handler or automatically counted and manually fed with the SphereFlash®.

Ordering information

Description Cat.No.
Smart Dilutor W One Pump. For Bottle. 90007900
Smart Dilutor W One Pump. For Bag. 90007900BS
Smart Dilutor W Two Pumps. For Bottle. 90007901
Smart Dilutor W Two Pumps. For Bag. 90007901BS
Smart Dilutor W Two Pumps. For Bottles and Bags. 90007901BB

Technical Specifications

Weight range 2400 g (tare included)
Display Resolution 0.1g
Weight inaccuracy <1% (for weight ≥100 g)
Calibration weight 100 g to 2000 g user-configurable (100 g steps)
Delivery speed 950 mL/min (tube diameter: 5 mm)
Sample weight resolution 0.01 g (after stabilization)
Dilution inaccuracy <1% (for dilution weight ≥100 g) / <2% (for dilution weight ≥50 g)
Dispensing inaccuracy <1% (for dispensing weight ≥100 g) / <2% (for dispensing weight ≥50 g)
Dispensing range 20 g to full weighting range
Selectable surface vibration compensation levels 0-4
Mains 100~240ACV 50/60 Hz
Power 40W
Dimensions (W×H×D) 300×265×325 mm
Weight 6.5 kg
Printer connection Serial RS232
Printer records include Date, Time, Operator ID, Sample ID, Sample Weight, Dilution Factor, Diluent ID, Total Weight, Final Accuracy, Last Calibration Date IUL Barcode scanner connection

Download specifications

Description Cat. No.
2000 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags (80 mL) packed 50 by 50 90002456
6000 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags (80 mL) packed 50 by 50 90002457
500 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags (400 mL) packed 50 by 50 900014050
5000 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags (400 mL) packed 50 by 50 90005421
500 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags with filter (400 mL) packed 25 by 25 900014501
2000 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags with filter (400 mL) packed 25 by 25 90002451
5000 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags with filter (400 mL) packed 25 by 25 90002452
250 Ƴ-irradiated homogenizer bags (3500 mL) packed 50 by 50 900014035
Description Cat. No.
Holder for media bags. 90002738
Multilevel dilution arm 90002806
Barcode scanner 90005701
Support barcode scanner 90002836
Weighting platform for beakers/flasks 90002838
Accessory for 80 mL bags 90002885
Cable for PC/Printer communication 90005510