Lateral Flow Reader


iPeak® Europium, the new IUL’s lateral flow reader for fluorescence-labeled lateral flow tests. iPeak® Europium is designed to maximize the potential of your lateral flow tests.

When the human eye cannot see the lines, the iPeak® can do it.

iPeak Eu

Point-of-care   |   Health & Veterinary Diagnostics   |   Food Safety   |   Drug testing   |   Environmental   |   Research

Maximize the signal

Thanks to our in-house image processing algorithm, iPeak® Europium optimizes the exposition and illumination to increase the dynamic range of the scene for visual, qualitative and quantitative assays from low to high concentrate positive tests. 

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iPeak® Europium is equipped with a barcode reader that allows quick identification of the samples and results. Transfer data to Cloud, SFTP or your Laboratory Information System. 

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OEM full customization

With its ultimate 3D printing prototyping and manufacturing technology, iPeak® Europium can be customized, fast, flexible and affordable with minimal time-to-market and good value for money.

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Two times more sensitive

iPeak® Europium is more than 2.5 sensitive than the competence. Low concentrations of analyte are better discriminated from the noise than the most readers from the market. iPeak® Europium becomes the best partner to enhance the signal of your lateral flow test and avoid false-negative results.

More linearity, less saturation

iPeak® Europium maximizes the dynamic range of your lateral flow test. When other readers get saturated, iPeak® Europium presents linearity from low to very high concentrations of the analyte.
iPeak Eu vs competitor

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Send us your sample cassette and we will send it back with the reader and the software ready to start. We will provide training since the beginning.


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Fluorescence wavelengths excitation/emission (nm)365/615 (europium)
Stored resultsResults, raw, and processed images. Depending on int. memory
Measurement time15 seconds, one strip, 2 lines
LanguagesEspañol, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Polski,  العربية

*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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Technical specifications


Wi-Fi connection compatible with IEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz). Ethernet RJ-45 10/100Mbits/s

WiFi, Ethernet, and LAN, Port USB for printer or export results. Also can export to extern SFTP server or directly from a slim USB

Sample traceabilityDatamatrix, QR, and barcode
Power range100-240 V
Frequency range50-60 Hz
Maximum power18 W
Air temperature15-35ºC
Relative humidity15-75%
Place of operationFor indoor use only
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Including Tray
201.5 x 113.7 x 123.5 mm
(7.93 x 4.47 x 4.86 in)
Weight900g / 1.98lb
ScreenColor, capacitive, 4.3’’ touch screen

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