100% Operon design, iPeak® inside



Operon is a private R&D laboratory in the field of immunochemistry. Nowadays, Operon exports to 50 countries around the world and their product lines are:


Raw Materials

Monoclonal antibodies and recombinant antigens.



Rapid lateral flow tests.


Molecular Diagnostic tests


Customized services

Contract manufacturing of lateral flow tests and raw materials

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The case

Operon was looking for a lateral flow reader 100% customized, 100% Operon and 100% reliable.

They wanted a reader to add value to their rapid diagnostic and food tests and differentiate their products from competitors. They needed a reader that yields quantitative and qualitative results.

Their requirements were clear, they wanted a reusable and portable reader. It had to be disinfected using standard hospital decontamination techniques. As a point-of-care it had to communicate with a printer.

Before allowing to launch a measurement, the reader read a Datamatrix or QR barcode. This barcode contains all the information related to the cassette: cassette model, manufacturing batch, expiration date, and all the settings required to process and give a result of the tests contained in the cassette. Before inserting a new cassette, the user may be required to scan the barcode embedded in the cassette for a final confirmation that the reader will read the correct test from the correct batch.

The more important for them were the sensitivity. Operon wanted a reader capable to enhance the colors of their lateral flow tests. 100% Operon design, iPeak® inside.

The experience of the costumer

“We were looking for a reader with a high sensitivity and reproducibility. We evaluate the reader with other 6 readers. iPeak® presented a striking sensitivity. In IUL we found a comprehensive solution, robust and cost-effective, tailored to our needs.”

Tomás Toribio, Managing Director at Operon S.A.

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