The need of using a homogenized solution is critical for laboratories as it is the representative sample of all the following processes. If the sample is solid or viscous and barely homogenous, it will not be possible to give all the information and will result in a lack of time or need to redo the operation ending in a waste of resources. That is why using a Masticator is essential to homogenize samples. 

With Masticator paddle blender you can guarantee to achieve a representative sample on which you will be able to rely on during the whole microbiological control process. As it is very easy to clean and requires extremely low maintenance, the time gained during the process won’t be lost at some other point. 

How to identify the volume of your samples

As pharmaceutical, cosmetics, or food laboratories usually need to homogenize samples from 10 to 40g, the ones they would go for is a model of 400ml capacity, such as IUL’s Classic, Basic, or Silver Masticator model. On the contrary, Life Science and clinical labs will be working with smaller samples generally <10g, so they would opt for the Compact model and its 80ml bag.

On the other hand, if your laboratory is working with samples of much higher volume that require, for example, a 3500ml bag, we can provide you the Maxicator, which has a higher capacity coupled with slower stroke rhythm and provides a sample fully ready for incubation.

If you need to set a specific blending duration, you can set it up to operate from 15s to 240 s until an unlimited time. If you must respect a certain protocol, you can use “adjust the stroke/seconds” feature and get your dilution quickly done.


Do you need to see the homogenization so that you can have an eye on the process? All those models are available in panoramic version!


The value of using a laboratory paddle blender in an automated lab

Using a paddle blender will turn out to be a great gain of time and efficiency while keeping the basic rules of sterilization strictly respected. Thus, the blender used together with other automation instruments will bring efficiency and gain of time-saving to your lab.

The Masticator, a sample homogenizer

IUL’s laboratory blender, known as Masticator, carries out a profound homogenization in order to obtain a perfectly representative sample of the food, drug, cosmetic, or any kind of material that needs to be analyzed. Launched in 1987, the Masticator provides a robust, friendly, and economic solution to a problem that microbiological labs face since many years ago.

With more than 35 years in the market, the Masticator has been the perfect instrument for all laboratories regardless of its size. The main advantage of Masticator is that its working principle lies behind the use of bags made of strong polyethylene or other plastics, inside which the original sample and the diluent liquid are placed. This way, the Masticator acts upon the plastic bag with the sample, and the diluent, the sides of the bag, are perfectly sealed, without soiling or contaminating any part of the sample.

Besides this, IUL’s laboratory blender works with the minimum amount of noise and without the necessity of cleaning between samples. This masticator machine offers a large list of benefits for sample homogenization that microbiology laboratories can take advantage of.