PRESS RELEASE_Barcelona, 19th May 2021

 Monlab, a company dedicated to the clinical diagnostic laboratory service, has won a tender from the Catalan Institute of Health  (ICS) with the iPeak+ rapid test reader, manufactured by IUL and rapid drug tests. The iPeak+ allows you to read up to 12 simultaneous drug tests and display the results in less than 15 seconds. Reading drug tests will help to understand better the condition of patients related to possible abuse drug use.

Addressing the need to contract the aggregate supply of cassettes for rapid testing of a single simultaneous qualitative detection of multiple urine drugs from the ICS, Monlab has won the tender with IUL’s iPeak+. The test will begin to be used in the hospitals Trias i Pujol, Bellvitge de Barcelona, Josep Trueta de Girona, Arnau de Vilanova Lleida, Joan XXIII Tarragona and Verge de la Cinta Tortosa.

In addition, several centers are interested in reading, in addition to drugs, other parameters with the same technology. Monlab plans to participate in other tenders with IUL’s reader with perspectives that will be installed in other European countries and thus homogenize reading in all laboratories around the world. The 4-line test allows simultaneous testing and is expected to read up to 112,275 drugs in these hospitals.




IUL’s iPeak+, endless possibilities

More and more objectivity, sensitivity, traceability, and connectivity are demanded, so IUL’s new iPeak+ portable reader is equipped with connectivity and designed for larger cassettes. It is capable of reading cassettes of up to 5 strips and 7 lines per strip at the same time.

The iPeak+ is a quantitative and qualitative lateral flow reader that ensures accurate interpretation of results for both routine sample testing and research.

The reader captures and processes the test image ensuring the objectivity of the interpretation and increasing the sensitivity of the reader of rapid tests with its advanced optical and image analysis system.


Monlab, a company dedicated to the clinical diagnostic laboratory service

Monlab is a company dedicated to the clinical diagnostic laboratory service for clinical analysis laboratories, hospitals, health centers, faculties, and research centers.

Monlab’s mission is to provide high-quality products, approved by their quality system for the companies and health centers ensuring added value to our customers through the involvement of their employees.. In this way, its services are differentiated by the quality and treatment of its external and internal customers.

In addition, Monlab is in constant renovation to ensure world-class manufacturing and safety. They are specialized in rapid urine and blood tests, rapid fecal testing, and nasopharyngeal testing.


IUL SA, microbiological control for the industry

Barcelona-based, IUL SA designs, produces and markets solutions for the automation of microbiology laboratories since 1987. A benchmark in Industry 4.0, its objective is to provide more comfortable and safe microbiological control for the industry and to deliver devices for in vitro diagnostics in the field of human and animal health.

Thanks to its investment in R&D, IUL SA has entirely developed its line of iPeak test readers in Barcelona and it is already marketed in countries such as the USA, India, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Singapore, or Taiwan, among others.

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