Nowadays, companies are more and more concerned about the air quality in indoor spaces. Pharmaceutical and Personal care industries are not the only ones affected, it’s also an important issue for food & beverage, hospital, and environmental application. That is why it gets so important to use a microbial air sampler in any workspace.

If the air quality is not adequate, it can impact the quality of the products. Air quality plays a critical role in aseptic environments, clean rooms, and production areas, where airborne microorganisms are a potential risk of cross-contamination of raw materials and final products.

By collecting a known volume of air, it’s easy to deduce the number of airborne microorganisms and analyze them. Therefore, air samplers play a key role in preventing these risks.

When using a microbial air sampler you will:

  1. Make sure you keep a sterile workspace
  2. Make sure about the security of the employees
  3. Prevent cross-contamination


Improve the accuracy, precision, and resolution with the spin technology

As there are many existing air samplers, it’s not always easy to determine which one is made for your laboratory.

Some of the key features to take into account would be the compatibility with your Petri dish size or it’s easiness to use, its robustness, the possibility to do 2 samplings simultaneously, and its accuracy to mention just a few.

Most of the air samplers’ lids are designed in a way that the holes are distributed in a radial way, covering only 5% of the Petri Plate, which leads to the use of a correction table and calculation process.


The Spin Air, however, is designed with an innovative system that stands out as the system is rotatory, allowing homogeneous distribution of the microorganisms on the plate, using 100% of the plate and having the result as soon as the sampling is done, without the need to apply any correction table.

Spin Air gives reliable air quality control, whether in a hospital room, a microbiology facility, or your workspace.

Check here the comparison study showing how the Spin Air recovers a higher number of colony forming units.

Extra features to think about when using a microbial air sampler

Depending on your use, you might need to sample 2 different dish or having duplicated results, in this case you shall consider the use of an accurate instrument that will be able to measure two at the time.

The Spin Air can be connected to the Spin Air Mate, which enables you to duplicate your sampling at the same time.

Finally, what about the possibility to start it when you are not in the room?

Choosing the delay time on the device, will give you the time to leave the room without influencing the result, and just come back once the sampling has been done.

Do you need a microbial air sampler?

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