The sampling process is essential for the preparation of samples in sectors such as food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and clinics. This process is divided into several sections, and, the first of them, is sample preparation.

The homogenization is a sample preparation process widespread in the microbiology field. Before performing an analysis, the sample is homogenized in order to obtain a liquid sample so, with this sample, the aim is to identify proteins, cells, or pathogens, among many others.

IUL Instruments manufactured a laboratory blender, known as Masticator, to carry out a profound homogenization. With the Masticator, it is possible to obtain a reproducible  representative sample of the food, cosmetic, or any kind of material that needs to be analyzed.


IUL’s paddle blenders: discover all the benefits

The Masticator paddle blenders have the following advantages:

  • No sample cross-contamination: enable thorough homogenization of samples while isolating them from any possible contamination so samples are fully protected thanks to the use of sterile disposable bags.
  • Endurance: Masticators range is very resistant thanks to its design and the materials with which they are manufactured. This guarantees product quality and a long life.
  • User-friendly: It is as simple as closing the Masticator door and it is already operational! Besides this, no maintenance is required, and it can be cleaned easily when removing its front door.

The Masticator, a guaranty of a sterile homogenization

To obtain reliable results, sterility plays a fundamental role because it is necessary to avoid cross-contamination. With IUL pouches, the sample does not get in contact with any type of external contamination.

IUL sterile bags are exclusively designed to avoid cross-contamination and to obtain a representative and valid sample. In addition to sterility, different bag sizes are available for larger or smaller sample volumes and with or without filter.

Masticator applications in food industry

One of the most important working areas for IUL is the food industry and for this reason, Masticators work to simplify the microbiological testing and can obtain a homogenized sample representative of the whole food.

Generally speaking, the homogenization process involves the original substance and the support liquid or diluent being brought into close contact so it can establish a balance in the microbiological content of both. This process allows reaching a good representative sample even with materials that can show inner-matrix contamination.

For example, there are pathogens not necessarily homogenously distributed throughout the entire matrix. Little is known about the distribution of bacteria through the product or whether they are only present on the surface. For this reason, it is essential to acquire a representative sample to be analyzed.

Different models depending on your needs

IUL offers a wide range of Masticators according to the following needs:

  • Timing: configure your Masticator to time the homogenization time of your sample.
  • Sampling view: the panoramic option allows you to visualize the sample preparation process with the methacrylate doors.
  • Number of paddles per second: Masticator allows you to adjust the number of paddles per second according to your type of sample.
  • Sample volume: with the wide range of Masticators, a great variety of sampling volumes is covered. Depending on the quantity required, sampling can be done from 20 ml up to 3500 ml.



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