Diabetes faces iPeak® technology



DiabetOmics®, Inc. is a global, commercial stage medical diagnostics company pioneering innovative, non-invasive point-of-care tests that are especially useful in alleviating the substantial economic and public health burden of maternal health and diabetes. They operate in USA and India.

The primary area of focus is the diabetes market with products related to the detection and monitoring of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes.

With the introduction of iPeak’s quantitative reader, a real-time test data acquisition and transfer to mobile devices is possible. What’s more, its minimally invasive, easy to use and provides rapid results.

What was DiabetOmics looking for?

DiabetOmics® wanted a lateral flow reader with a sensitivity capable to provide quantitative analysis and available for original equipment manufacturer. DiabetOmics® needed a reader that incorporates a system for real-time test data acquisition.As an in-viro diagnostics medical device, the reader had to be prepared to meet all stringent regulatory requirements with the minimum-time to market.

Through IUL’s iPeak technology, DiabetOmics is able to analyze:


Adults diabetes

Adults suspected of having type -1 diabetes


Children diabetes

Children with suspected classical type-1 diabetes and putative type-2 diabetes.


Patients with established or pre (type -2) diabetes

In which the presence of autoantibodies in addition to insulin resistance may predict a more rapid progression to insulin deficiency.


Autoimmune complications

Diabetes patients who may have developing autoimmune complications (celiac disease, autoimmune thyroid disease…)

The experience of the costumer

“IUL team was very responsive to our needs. After we first spoke, we could start testing the reader very soon. Getting the first production batch of readers 7 weeks after our introduction was truly beneficial”.

Eric Bean, Vice President, Director of Product Development, at DiabetOmics®.

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