IUL Instruments commemorates the 30th anniversary of the design, manufacturing and marketing of the first gravimetric dilutor. It was launched in 1990 under the name “Dosi Dilutor”, receiving its name from its ability to dose and highlighting the precision and accuracy of the instrument. 

The second dilutor was launched in 1995 with the name of Delta Dilutor, “Delta” in recognition of its shape. Eleven years later the third generation of dilutors was released.

The heart of the IUL’s gravimetric dilutors is a weighting cell. Its functionality allows to monitor the weight continuously on the platform and to optimize the liquid dispensing through the discharge pump. 

Gravimetric dilutors weigh samples and dispense an accurate amount of liquid, diluting the sample to be analyzed, to a configurable dilution factor. In gravimetric dilutions samples are solid, semi-solid, or pasty and are prepared to later determine the number of microorganisms/weight of the sample.



Smart Dilutor, IUL’s third generation

The third generation of IUL’s gravimetric dilutors became the solution for laboratories in need of increasing their sample processing capacity and traceability of their gravimetric dilutions and dispensings. In this way, more precise and accurate results and robustness were achieved.

Currently, the Smart Dilutor has evolved to Smart Dilutor WThe Smart Dilutor W was launched to provide reliable solutions in the automation of Quality Control laboratories. IUL designed and manufactured the first gravimetric dilutor awaiting to be homogenized in Masticator blenders, IUL laboratory mixer, the perfect partner to speed sample preparation before performing corresponding microbiological control. 

Among the most noteworthy features of the latest dilutor stands out the ease of use. Smart Dilutor W is controlled from a touch screen with a fast calibration, flexibility, adaptable to many quantities and types of samples and drive its advanced traceability features with a barcode reader and connect to a printer.


Constant innovation, the key to success

The path of the constant innovation is one of the cornerstones of IUL. Changes in materials and electronics have allowed to move faster to another level and progress, as is the case with the Smart Dilutor that advanced to the W model. 

This has improved in accuracy, ergonomics and speed, at the same time that IUL has been able to offer a product that is now more robust and waterproof, durable to changes. In this way improvements have been introduced and evolved to meet the needs of the customers and offer complete solutions at all levels. 


The importance of R&D

R&D is the heart of IUL and allows to adapt to new projects, providing innovative solutions to the IUL’s community and to respond quicker to the changes that may arise during the process.

Research, development and innovation, in addition to increasing the added value of the offer, IUL generates competitiveness while it develops new lines of business to satisfy the demands on all its product ranges and for all its customers and distributors in all the countries where IUL is present.



IUL Instruments, automation solutions for laboratories


Since 1987, IUL has been designing, manufacturing and marketing automation solutions for microbiology laboratories. Its goal lies in providing more comfortable and safe microbiological control for industry and healthcare.

IUL offers solutions adapted to projects that need a whole design and manufacturing process. IUL is specialized in microbiology laboratory equipment and image capture and processing, besides this, its products are designed for long-term use.

IUL’s gravimetric dilutor is present on all continents. IUL shows strength and experience in a market where the food, pharma and cosmetics industries are the main beneficiaries. ¡Do not hesitase to contact us!