PRESS RELEASE_Barcelona, 2nd Nov 2021

  • IUL presents a new fluorescence lateral flow reader in the framework of the Advanced Lateral Flow Conference in San Diego 2021.
  • iPeak® Europium represents a fundamental advance in the lateral flow reader fields.

IUL SA presents iPeak® Europium a new off-the-shelf lateral flow reader designed to scan fluorescence-labeled lateral flow tests.

iPeak® Europium is a Point of Care (PoC) quantitative, semi-quantitative, qualitative Lateral Flow Reader that ensures precise interpretation of results for both, routine sample testing and research even for the development of lateral flow tests per-se. iPeak® Europium measures the fluorescence signal when europium-chelate-based fluorescent nanoparticles of lateral flow tests are excited. Nowadays, fluorescence lateral flow tests represent an affordable alternative to the PCR tests guaranteeing a high sensitivity and specificity.

iPeak® Europium has been presented in the framework of the Advanced Lateral Flow Conference in San Diego 2021 and it will be showcasing in the world’s leading medical trade fair MEDICA which will take place in Düsseldorf from 15th to 18th November 2021.


High sensitivity and more traceability


IUL SA is unrelentingly diligent in the pursuit of the latest innovation and excellence in its products. iPeak® Europium is equipped with iPeak® technology based on the principles of machine vision illumination. Its camera captures the image of the test illuminated from LED lights situated in the most studied geometry to achieve a precise and uniform illumination and enhance the colors of any lateral flow test.

With iPeak® Europium technology is possible to get more sensitivity and boost the potential of the lateral flow tests. “We believe that the sensitivity level set by the iPeak® Europium will be key for its success.” Says Vicenç Font, CEO in IUL.

Nowadays, objectivity, traceability, and connectivity are demanded in the analysis of lateral flow tests. That is why the need for reasonable cost-wise Lateral Flow Readers is increasing. iPeak® Europium is equipped with Datamatrix reading for complete sample traceability, WiFi, and Ethernet to transfer data to server, LIMS, Cloud, etc. iPeak® Europium can store a large number of results, raw and processed images in its internal memory.

Lateral Flow Strip Assays have turned out a well know test since their low cost and low time to obtain the results have been an essential tool for massive screening to fight COVID-19. Fluorescence-labeled lateral flow tests have been emerged to provide tests with more sensitivity and more affordable, for sub-developed countries or mass-screening, than PCR. Lateral flow tests are also broadly used in animal health industries, food, cosmetics, or research with different kinds of applications.


IUL SA, microbiological control for the industry


IUL SA, with its headquarters in Barcelona, designs, produces, and markets solutions for microbiology lab automation since 1987. A landmark in Industry 4.0, his objective is to enable a more comfortable, and safer microbiological control for the industry and to provide devices for in vitro diagnostics in the field of human and animal health.

IUL SA makes total customization, fast, flexible, and affordable even for small quantities and with minimal time-to-market. Besides this, IUL is ISO 13485:2016 Medical devices- Quality Management Systems certified.


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