Full customization iPeak®

 IUL offers iPeak® technology for full OEM customization in different fields of application. With its ultimate 3D printing prototyping technology, iPeak® can customize, fast, flexible and affordable with minimal time-to-market and good value for money.

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Fast, Affordable, With minimal time-to-market.
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all the process.

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Welcome kit + training

Send us your cassette and we will send you back with the reader and the software ready to start. Remote training will provide you since the first moment.




You will be accompanied throughout all the process for our experts to tailor the reader according to your needs.



Supply & Quality agreement

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Let’s start the production

With its ultimate 3D printing manufacturing technology, IUL customizes 100% your reader from prototype to large-scale. All iPeaks are already equipped with the Flash Eye Technology to achieve the highest sensitivity. iPeak IUL system stores your data in the device, export as report or even integrates in your system. Whatever the size of your cassette and the type of the reader you are looking for we assess you for free.

General specifications

Internal memoryFrom 16 Gb to 256 Gb depending on the model selected
Stored resultsResults, raw, and processed images. Depends on memory selected.
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet and LAN connectivity for interaction with portable devices (mobile phones or tablets)
USB (a printer can be also connected)
Sample traceabilityInternal Barcode reader & Datamatrix reading for complete sample traceability
Measurement time15 seconds, one strip, 2 lines
Reproducibility*Intra-device CV <0.5%
Inter-device CV <2%

*According to medium values of the iPeak® Dynamic Range

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