Monlab SL uses iPeak®+ to obtain rapid results in drug testing

Monlab SL is a company dedicated to the service of the clinical diagnostic laboratory. They are providing a service according to the needs of hospitals, faculties, research centers, and clinical analysis. One of their business units is the marketing of reliable individual and multipanel blood and urine lateral flow tests.

Monlab SL was looking for a reader that would analyze their lateral flow tests and offer a complete proposal to hospitals and health centers. One of their requirements was that the reader would communicate with different Health Information Systems and integrate its data into the patient’s electronic medical record. This is how Monlab SL found the iPeak®+, the one-size-fits-all solution.




iPeak®+ for drug testing


Recently, Monlab  won a tender from the Catalan Institute of Health (ICS) with the iPeak®+ rapid test reader, manufactured by IUL. The iPeak®+ is a colorimetric lateral flow reader that allow to read up to 12 simultaneous drug tests and display the results in less than 15 seconds . The reading of drug tests can help to better understand the condition of patients who consume drugs.

In this regard, Miguel Gómez Sierra, technical director at Monlab SL, highlights the sensitivity of the iPeak®+ and its impact in the company: 

Thanks to the iPeak®+, we have expanded the portfolio of the company and objectivated the interpretation of our tests. We have validated the reader with our three and four strip drug tests which deliver the result of more than 10 drugs simultaneously very quickly and precisely, which makes it a fundamental factor for the company for its performance and effectiveness

The tests started to be used in the hospitals Trias i Pujol, Bellvitge de Barcelona, Josep Trueta de Girona, Arnau de Vilanova Lleida, Joan XXIII Tarragona and Verge de la Cinta Tortosa. 112,275 drug tests are planned to be scanned with these readers. Several centers are also currently interested in reading other parameters with the same technology.

Monlab plans to participate in other tenders with IUL’s readers with the perspective that they will be able to replicate this model in other European countries, and that it will homogenize the results of lateral flow tests in all laboratories around the world




    iPeak®+ and hospital communications


    As Monlab is distributing in over 30 countries, they have to deal with different healthcare organizations and health information systems.

    This is why, one of the key requirement was that the iPeak®+ would transfer datas to different organization’s models.

    Miguel Gomez points out:

    “IUL’s Software Department helped us during all the process, and they are the bridge between us and the IT department of the Hospitals.”

    Also, the iPeak®+ communication protocole enables a secured data transfer.

    iPeak®+ is HL7 v2.8 compliant with HTTPS with SSL TLSv1 TLSv1.1 TLSv1.2 TLSv1.3 connection that gives the reader huge flexibility. iPeak+ also has a transport-level 2 with token key management for those with more demanding situations.


    The results can also be sent to the Cloud and externalize pool testings from the health care centers with a high level of security and control of the data. 


      iPeak®: a breakthrough for test readers 


      The iPeak® family has been designed to obtain qualitative, quantitative or semi-quantitative results. This means that apart from differentiating between positive or negative results, it also analyzes the intensity of the response using an advanced optical and image analysis system.

      It represents a breakthrough in test readers as results are obtained by avoiding subjectivity and increasing sensitivity in reading quick tests. In addition, the iPeak® can be coupled to most of the rapid tests on the market, increasing reading objectivity and getting a fast result.


        iPeak®+ and its in sample analysis


        The iPeak®+ is the perfect combination for reading your cassettes, enhancing your strip colors, and eliminating the subjectivity of the human eye.

        • Flash Eye Technology: the iPeak®+ reader is equipped with Flash Eye® technology that takes sensitivity to another level. This key feature allows toread to detect resultas that sometimes are difficult to perceive with the naked eye.


        • Connectivity: iPeak®+ sends results in real-time and integrates with the Laboratory, Hospital Information System (LIS), your server, or Cloud and supports HL7 connectivity. It is a portable device thanks to its 4-hour battery operation.
        • Objectivity: the iPeak®+ allows the possibility of test incubation within the system and gives the option to program the exact time of your readers. With all iPeak®+ benefits, Monlab plans to participate in other tenders and place the IUL’s reader in other European countries to homogenize reading in all laboratories Worldwide.



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