With a paddle blender, you can obtain a sample perfectly representative of food, drug, cosmetics, or any specimen, due to its resistance and the use of sterile bags, which guarantee the sterilization of the sample during the whole homogenization process.

The paddle blender enables thorough homogenization of samples and isolates them from any possible contamination. Besides this, these blenders disperse samples inside sterile bags with paddles that drive a squashing action while moving it from side to side.

IUL’s paddle blender, called Masticator, works with the minimum amount of noise and without the necessity of cleaning between samples. This masticator machine offers multitudes of benefits for sample homogenization that microbiology laboratories can take advantage of.

Because so, any food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and clinical laboratories that are looking for reliable homogenization and cross-contamination-free can use a paddle blender to carry out a safe and efficient homogenization.

IUL’s paddle blender bags: strenght, endurance and a proper sterilization

IUL’s bags present three features that represent IUL’s product quality: strength, endurance, and sterilization. These bags are manufactured from extruded polymer tubes using high-grade, food quality polythene, which helps IUL provide bags with unrivaled strength and endurance. Having a burst bag means frustration, testing time waste and time for cleaning, with IUL bags all these problems are solved. IUL is certified to ISO 9001 quality management system standards guaranteeing IUL quality performance.

Furthermore, IUL ensures a complete secure seal thanks to the size of its bags which are quite bigger than other bags on the market. Besides this, IUL’s bags are packed in strong polythene sachets and in robust cardboard boxes. This prevents causing any damage.


Gamma irradiation to ensure no risk of cross-contamination

IUL’s bags are sterilized with gamma-irradiated to ensure no risk of cross-contamination. The gamma irradiation process uses Cobalt 60 radiation to kill microorganisms on different products in a specially designed cell.

Gamma irradiation is safe, reliable, and highly effective and is used in medical devices, food, pharmaceutical products, and cosmetics, among other fields. Gamma irradiation is compatible with most materials and can penetrate in the density of paddle blender’s bags. With the ability to penetrate products while sealed in their final packaging, gamma irradiation supports the manufacturing and distribution process by facilitating final packaged products as well as raw material needs, ensuring the sterility of the product.

For whom process huge number of samples IUL has bags with 3500 ml of capacity. With IUL’s 3500 bags, you can be able to process fruit, meat, sea food, pastry, or biscuits. The bag will allow maximum organism recovery without the problem of food debris getting in the way. These bags can be used with IUL’s Smart Dilutor as well in case of seeking for a full processing capacity and traceability for gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing.

    Paddle blender bags for a complete sterilization

    IUL’s paddle blender bags are fully sterilized to ensure no risk of cross-contamination. Do you want to know more about IUL’s paddle blender bags?

    Main advantages of using a paddle blender

    With the use of a paddle blender like the Masticator, you can obtain the following advantages:

    • No sample cross-contamination: samples are completely protected from any contamination during the homogenization process thanks to the use of sterile disposable bags.
    • Endurance: Masticator machine high-quality enduring motors have proven to withstand the most challenging blending procedures. Customers benefit from a 3-year warranty for any masticator blender.
    • Ease of use: no maintenance is required, and it can be easily cleaning, completely removing its front door.