Smart Dilutor W: precision, speed and sterility

The Smart Dilutor W is the solution for labs seeking full processing capacity and traceability in gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing. This instrument not only ensures precision, speed, sample handling sterility but also detailed tracking of procedures.

Its precise weigh cell and powerful peristaltic pumps approach optimized gravimetric dilutions and liquid dispensing to food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic quality control labs. Samples are inserted inside sterile bags which are held by a sterility-ensuring holder.

The Smart Dilutor W weights samples and dispenses an accurate amount of broth, diluting the sample to a configurable dilution factor. This allows samples to be homogenized for further testing.

Applications scope of the gravimetric dilutor

The Smart Dilutor W allows for an array of possibilities including multiple diluent usages, linking of two pumps to gain extra dilution speed, liquid dispensing.

Diluents can be driven from any ready to use media bag or ISO 4796 lid bottles. Furthermore, the Smart Dilutor W can be used with a barcode reader to drive its advanced traceability features and send information to a printer to print records.

Diluted samples


The Smart Dilutor W offers an advanced automation solution to both gravimetric dilutions and liquid dispensing. Adapted to dilute samples both within 400 ml and 80 ml bags, the device can process samples up to 5 g with an error <1%.

The total amount of pumps can be increased to reach 6 pumps when using the 4 pump accessory, enhancing performance and enabling the use of multiple diluents. The device can operate on unstable surfaces such as laminar flow cabinets or workbenches, where a blender might be generating vibrations, thanks to its 5 levels of instability tolerance.

The dilutions’ records are kept by connecting the Smart Dilutor W to a printer because barcode readers can be connected to the instrument to identify operators, samples, and diluents. Besides this, bags can be orderly places in Portabag bag holders while awaiting further processing in Masticator for homogenization. A specific platform and multilevel dilution enable to perform dispensing procedures.

So, ¿how do we continue processing diluted samples? After dilution, sample-containing bags can be stored in Portabag bagholders, awaiting to be homogenized in a laboratory blender such as Masticator and ready to be processed.

Smart Dilutor and Laminar Flow Cabinet


For those who need to follow security protocols to manipulate the samples, the size of the Smart Dilutor W allows working under a laminar flow cabinet which enclosures that uses a fan to force air through a HEPA or ULPA filter and provide clean air to the particle-free work area of up to 0.1 microns.

Within these cabins or hoods, you keep clean and avoid contamination with tiny particles. The laminar flow cabins are designed to provide clean and constant air at an air passing speed of 0.3 to 0.5 meters per second to sweep the surface of the work area and prevent particle suspension as well as possible contamination of samples.

Sterilization and desinfection guaranteed

To avoid cross-contamination, on the one hand, tubes and bottles of the Smart Dilutor W are autoclaved. With the autoclave, we increase temperature and pressure to ensure that all bacteria are killed.

It is essential to have the instrument in good and clean conditions, especially in microbiological sampling and dilution procedures. The sterilization can be guarantee during all the process through the use of the sterile bags and the homogenization of the sample as we explain in this post.

Besides this, the instrument cleaning and disinfection process is quite simple and does not take much time. To keep the instrument in good condition, it is necessary to clean the screen and the other surfaces with a damp brush or a cloth moistened with a solution of hot water and soap. To clean the pumps, a brush with hot water and soap is needed. Then, place a cloth soaked with water and soap instead of the tube and run an operation to move the rollers.

On the other hand, to disinfect the dilutor, we must clean all the surfaces of the device, except the bag holder, with a wet cloth with deionized water and 70% ethanol (or isopropyl alcohol). For the bag holder, we should use water with 3% bleach.

30 years since the first smart dilutor design


IUL Instruments manufactured and designed the first gravimetric dilutor 30 years ago under the name Delta Dilutor. Nowadays, the gravimetric dilutor is present on all continents showing IUL’s strength and experience in a market where the food, pharma and cosmetics industries are the main beneficiaries.

Eleven years later, IUL’s third generation of dilutors has been released with the introduction of Smart Dilutor. The aim of the new gravimetric dilutor is to provide reliable solutions in the automation of Quality Control laboratories.

All the gravimetric dilutors manufactured by IUL Instruments have their heart in the weighting cell which allows to monitor the weight continuously on the platform and optimize the liquid dispensing through the discharge pump. Gravimetric dilutors weigh samples and dispense and accurate amount of liquid, diluting the sample to be analyzed, to a configurable dilution factor.

IUL Instruments, solutions for microbiology laboratories

Since 1987 IUL works on designing and producing automation solutions for microbiology laboratories in order to provide more comfortable, safer, and reliable microbiological control for the industry.

From the beginning, IUL has been committed to research to offer creative solutions in response to actual problems, for example, the application of light for Artificial Insemination, to improve fertility rates. Not only this, but IUL also develops OEM products for several companies, helping them to achieve their objectives flexibly.

Besides this, IUL is committed to promoting socially responsible public policy and conducting business in an ethically sound and environmentally responsible manner with the standards of the countries where IUL operates. The products are designed and developed to accomplish long-term use and to reduce resource consumption in a wide range of works environments.



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