Schreiber foods and IUL's microbiology technology by Bonnie Fuller

Schreiber Foods


Since 1945, Schreiber Foods provides dairy favorites to people around the globe and they are specialized in yogurt, natural cheese, processed cheese and cream cheese. With a team of more than 8.000 strong at locations across North America, Europe, South America and Asia, Schreiber is positioned as one of the best customer-brand dairy companies in the world

Bonnie Fuller-quality lead for yogurt lab, cream cheese and yogurt, tests finished products at 1-5 and 1-10 dilutions, using it with swabs of other products.


Fast and better bacterial plating

Bonnie Fuller has two units which she works with constantly. Dilutions are done every time, which is why they needed a technology with all the automation they could get.

Through our North America’s distributor, Neutec Group, IUL’s Instrument is present in microbiology lab of Schreiber Foods.

With IUL’s instruments we have automized several microbiology processes, which has benefited us with:


Less room for error


Less garbage


Better operations


Less supplies to order

IUL designs, manufactures and commercializes classical microbiology devices and consumables such as Pinch Dilutor, Smart Dilutor W, Eddy Jet 2W, among many others.

The machines of IUL Instruments are used for sample preparation, inoculation and colonies and halos.

Sample preparation: IUL’s Smart Dilutor

On the one hand, the Smart Dilutor brings a simple and efficient approach to streamline initial sample gravimetric dilutions. Its automated dilutions outmatch the manual method through precision, rapidity, sample handling sterility and reproducibility.

On the other hand, the Smart Dilutor W is offered as a solution for labs seeking full processing capacity and traceability in gravimetric dilutions or liquid dispensing. The device ensures precision, rapidity, sample handling sterility, and detailed tracking procedures. 


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