One of the unsolved environmental problems of the microbiology labs is the huge amount of Petri plates waste generation every day. Serial Dilution requires using an important number of Petri dishes, but is it possible to do otherwise if one wants to guarantee no cross-contamination while working in a modern lab?

    Spiral plating, the plating method for reducing petri dish waste

    Spiral Plating is a method that enables a 2-in-1 dilution and plating at the same time, therefore not only enabling to gain a huge amount of time but also reducing the number of dishes used for a serial dilution. Thanks to this method, a threefold dilution is done in only one plate.

    Spiral Plating is an Official Method recognized by the Association of Official Analytical Chemists (AOAC), that consists in inoculating a known volume of liquid sample on the surface of a rotating agar plate.

    The Eddy Jet 2W, IUL’s spiral plater, is a unique solution that guarantees an easy and convenient use for the operator while reducing the ecological footprint without risking the quality and safety of microbiological control.

    No cross-contamination

    With the Eddy Jet 2W, the sample is collected through a sterile microsyringe that spreads it on the dish in an Archimedean spiral pattern. As the microsyringes are single-use, there is no need to add washing protocols, therefore a considerable gain of time compared to existing instruments that would require the use of cleaning cycles that could lead to false-negative because of traces of bleach or false-positive results due to biofilm formation. 

    No implementation delay and ready to use

    The Eddy Jet 2W is available and delivered in minimal time, making it possible for your lab to be equipped with a state-of-the-art instrument without waiting.

    Be ready to get your lab workflow faster, reproducible, and greener!

    Advantages of using spiral plating instead of the traditional methods

     Finally, what about reliability? Is spiral plating as effective as the traditional methods? Click here to read about it. If you want to know how you can also increase your throughput by counting colonies automatically, click here.

    The EddyJet 2W, like every instrument designed by IUL, is manufactured in Barcelona, Spain. As a Research & Development oriented company, most of them are produced through 3D printing, which gives IUL a high flexibility of design, providing a solution to fit better the user’s needs.

     Within the framework of the VI Industry 4.0 Forum in November 2021, IUL has been awarded a price by the industry 4.0 commission of Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya for implementing Industry 4.0 solutions.

    Furthermore, IUL’s products are present in more than 100 countries all over the world. Top sellers not only in Europe, its birthplace, but also in the U.S. and Japan. The quality of production and the ideas that IUL products incorporate have garnered IUL worldwide recognition.

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