Numerous modern microbiology laboratories are using an automatic colony counter to perform colony counting in a simple and reliable way. IUL Instrument’s automatic colony counter SphereFlash® leads to standardized, precise results, while occupying only a little space on the bench.


Advantages of using IUL’s Sphereflash®

SphereFlash® is the automatic colony counter of IUL Instruments and it’s one of the most advanced colony counters in the market. Its main advantages are the following ones.


From 0.046mm colonies

The SphereFlash® Automated colony counter Software PRO can detect colonies as small as 0.046mm, for a maximized precision and improved time management.



Sometimes the needs of the laboratory can change, and a more complete version is needed. With SphereFlash®, the same colony counter device can be updated to 2 different software version just with one click, at the moment needed by the lab.


Colony classification by color and diameter

The Software enables to classify efficiently by color and diameter, and can read different types such as chromogenic agars, spread/poor, or spiral distribution of plates from 55 to 100mm.


Customized results

Customization of the result report is available in the SphereFlash® Automated colony counter software, a comment can be entered and displayed with the results, all the different parameters can be shown, and the storing location can be selected.


Connected to the lab lims system

The SphereFlash® automated colony counter saves the result file in the folder designated by the administrator. The results can be easily picked by any LIMs system for a fast and secure traceability.


Meets the 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

The security-relevant chronological set of records will provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities that have affected a specific operation. The audit trail is respected and enables comply with 21 CFR Part 11.


Zone sizing

The SphereFlash® can work for measuring haloes of antibiotic inhibition zone. The Halos PRO Software can be purchased and detect up to 6 zones per plate and calculate its diameters.


2 seconds to count per plate

Once starting the counting, the white Sphere closes itself on the petri dish area, preventing any external light to enter, ensuring the best lighting conditions for optimized colony detection. The result is known only after 2 seconds.


Available on a large range of PC’s

Available for all PC’s: the SphereFlash® software can be installed on most common PC’s or laptops with some minimum requirements, such as one USB 3.0 port. Using an external pc allows you to connect the system to a network which saves you money by using your own existing computer (if you chose to) that could be updated whenever the need arises or as technology progresses.


Simple and quick calibration protocol

Verification and calibration disks are supplied with the SphereFlash® automated colony counter. Simple and intuitive that are realized easily by the final user. Moreover, the SphereFlash® is a device that that doesn’t require an external maintenance.


Sphereflash®, an automatic colony counter produced by 3d printing

Did you know that a lot of IUL’s devices are manufactured by 3D printing? SphereFlash® is one of the devices that is made of more than 50% of material produced through 3D printing process, for a greener impact on the planet.


IUL Instruments, automated solutions for microbiology laboratories

IUL Instruments, established back in 1987 in Barcelona, designs and manufactures automated solutions for microbiology laboratories with the aim to provide safe, secure, and comfortable solutions to improve the microbiological quality assurance in the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics industries and research labs.

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