Whether you are working for quality control in food, pharmaceutical, or cosmetic laboratory, the sample preparation can be tedious and inaccurate. That is why it is essential to have a dilutor for any microbiological laboratory.

Gravimetric dilution, or liquid dispensing, is not only an accurate method but also time-saving, effortless, and of course traceable.

How does a gravimetric dilution instrument work?

By choosing a highly accurate and user-friendly instrument, you can save an incredible amount of time compared to the manual method, while reducing the human variability that impacts greatly the solution.

The Smart Dilutor W weights samples and dispenses the accurate amount of diluent according to the selected dilution factor. Its precise weigh cell and powerful peristaltic pumps approach optimizes dilutions. Samples are inserted inside sterile bags, which are then held by a sterility-ensuring holder. Once dilution is done, they will be ready for homogenization for further testing.

While providing a wide range of possibilities including multiple diluent usages, the Smart Dilutor W can also link two pumps to gain extra dilution speed. Furthermore, diluents can be driven from any ready-to-use media bag or lid bottles.

Accuracy and traceability are key

The Smart Dilutor W offers an advanced automation solution to both gravimetric dilutions and liquid dispensing. Adapted to dilute samples both within 400 ml and 80 ml bags, the device can process samples up to 5 g with an accuracy > 99%.

One of its main advantages is that the total amount of pumps can be increased to reach 6 pumps when using the 4 pumps accessory, enhancing performance, and enabling the use of multiple diluents.

Besides this, the Smart Dilutor W can operate on unstable surfaces such as laminar flow cabinets or workbenches, where a blender might generate vibrations, thanks to its 5 levels of instability tolerance.

IUL’s Gravimetric Dilutor will trace your dilutions thanks to  the possibility to print the records. Also, bags can be orderly placed in portable bag holders while awaiting further processing in Masticator for homogenization. A specific platform and multilevel dilution enable to perform dispensing procedures.

Smart Dilutor and laminar flow cabinet

The Smart Dilutor W allows working under a laminar flow cabinet which enclosures that uses a fan to force air through a HEPA or ULPA filter and provide clean air to the particle-free work area. This is especially important for those who need to follow security protocols to manipulate the samples.

Within these cabins or hoods, you keep clean and avoid contamination guaranteeing a laminar stream of air.

Sterilization and disinfection

On the one hand, to avoid cross-contamination, tubes and bottles of the Smart Dilutor W can be autoclaved.

On the other hand, it is essential to have the instrument in good and clean conditions, especially when it comes to microbiological sampling and dilution procedures. The sterilization can guarantee during all the process using the sterile bags and the homogenization of the sample as we explain here.

Once your dilution is done with accuracy, your solution is ready to go through homogenization, then inoculation and colony counting.

Did you know that IUL provides automated solutions for microbiological laboratories that make the workflow effortless? You can discover our automated instruments such as paddle blender, spiral plater, and automatic colony/halos counter. 


Do you want to guarantee the accuracy of your sample preparation?