iPeak® is IUL’s colorimetric rapid test reader that enhances the colors of your test. With IUL’s technology, you can export and print the results and send them in real-time. In this way, it is possible to integrate the results to your laboratory information system (LIS) or send them to your server with just one click.

What to consider when doing a lateral flow reader OEM project?

When choosing a reader, here are some key points that one should investigate:

  1. Sensitivity and reproducibility: While sensitivity is a key matter, how is it guaranteed? What is the intra-device and inter-device coefficient of variability?
  2. Traceability: Considering the high amount of test I need to do per day, how can I make sure the reader will link the sample measurement with the searched ID? If the LFR stores the images and results of the analysis, there is no need for manual entry and, therefore, there is no place for human errors.
  3. Connectivity: The need to export the results in a secured ecosystem and integrate them to the Laboratory Information System in real time is increasing, but what kind of security is used in your lateral flow reader? Is it HL7-compliant? Is it possible to have extra security? Can it export data by USB, by ethernet or print them?

What kind of project am I looking for?

What is my list of requirements? Which ones are the must-have and which ones are the nice to have?

  • Cassette type: Do I have single strips or multi strips? What is the size of my cassette?
  • Number of line readings: How many lines should the reader detect?
  • Tray customization: Do I need to customize the tray or is it a standard size?
  • Software requirements: Do I need some tailor-made features, or do I have everything on the off-the-shelf version?
  • Language: Is the interface already available in the language I need or is there some translation work to do?
  • User role: Will I need to set up a different role level?
  • Esthetic: Do I need a customized design? What is the level of personalization? Is there a minimum order to respect to get my full OEM project? What is the MOQ?
  • Memory: What information does the memory need to store? And until how many measurements/pictures?
  • Lead-time: In what period will I have the reader available?
  • Is it battery-based? Can I use it while charging?

    High sensitivity, easy to use and maximum security

    • Thanks to its ultimate 3D printing manufacturing technology, IUL fully customizes your reader from prototype to large-scale. Our readers are equipped with the Flash Eye Technology to achieve the highest sensitivity and provide qualitative, quantitative, and semi-quantitative readings.
    • Easy to implement & tailor-made: iPeak®’s built in software is suitable to develop your own methods and read your daily samples in a user-friendly interface. Free technical support is given during the whole implementation process.
    • The iPeak® system stores your data in the device, export as report, and even integrates in your information system. IUL provides maximum support service, from tray customization matching your cassette’ size, to the reader´s model.




    Did you know that IUL delivers an easy-to use and highly sensitive LFR with minimum time-to-market?