iPeak® is your colorimetric rapid test reader that enhances the colors of your test. Besides this, iPeak® is equipped with the Flash Eye technology that makes each iPeak® reproducible and repetitive. You can export and print the results, and also send the results in real-time and integrate them to your laboratory information system (LIS) or send them to your server with one click.

The science behind the iPeak® is what makes iPeak® unique and sophisticated. Its leverage point is to achieve the maximum sensitivity to detect and even quantify the lines of a lateral flow assay. iPeak® is the result when mathematics and physics join and convert the iPeak®’s core into the ultimate lateral flow reader. 

Flash Eye technology combines the IUL’s know-how, for image acquisition and processing, to enhance colors of any colorimetric lateral flow test with an outstanding dynamic range for visual, qualitative, and quantitative assays. Furthermore, it is precise and optimal, an unrivalled tool  to read your rapid test at the right moment.


Cloudy day lighting illumination for rapid test reader 


The concept of the Flash Eye technology is based on the principles of machine vision illumination based on the Cloudy Day Lighting Illumination. iPeak® brings a camera that captures the image of the test illuminated from LED lights situated in the most studied geometry which allows a precise and uniform illumination.

This technology avoids reflections and shadows diffusing and homogenizing the light in a chamber which makes iPeak®’s the best rapid test reader. The image is processed with an in-house algorithm based on radar technologies able to detect weak signals in a very high noise background and increase the reliability of the results. 

Radar technology has been served as a military and navigation tool to locate threats and valuable signals of the position of the adversary on the ground, in the air, and at the sea. Its levels of sensitivity have been the success of its applications. Now it is used to fight biological threads which is especially useful in this pandemic context. 

The iPeak® is adapted to your cassette and comes with the Development Software to create your method and implement it to your iPeak®. Currently, iPeak® can deal with 9 quantification methods and filters to boost the sensitivity and detect the faintest lines. What’s more, iPeak® can be customized and branded with different colors and logos following the requirements of each client with 3D technology that allows for flexibility in the design of your  project. 

Successful implementations of iPeak’s technology


Do you know the successful stories of the iPeak®’s technologyFirstly, we can talk about DiabetOmics, a company that wanted a lateral flow reader with a sensitivity capable of providing quantitative analysis. They needed a rapid test reader that could incorporate a system for real-time test data acquisition and, through IUL’s iPeak® technology, they can obtain the results to diagnose:

  • Adult and children diabetes
  • Patients with established or pre (type -2) diabetes
  • Autoimmune complications 

Read the complete case here.

Secondly, Operon’s company was looking for a lateral flow reader 100% customized and 100% reliable. They wanted a rapid test reader to add value to their rapid diagnostic and food tests and differentiate their products from competitors while enables to get quantitative and qualitative results and being reusable and portable or read different tests with the same reader.

With all of this, the Flash Eye technology of IUL was the perfect solution. 

The most important for them was the sensitivity of the reader. Operon wanted a reader capable of enhancing the colors of their lateral flow tests. The result? 100% Operon design with iPeak® technology inside. 

Read the complete case here.


How is to work with us? 


IUL makes the process of getting an iPeak® easy with their welcome kit and training. You can send us your cassette and we will send you back with the reader and the software ready to start. Remote training will be provided from the first moment. 

Besides this, you will be accompanied through all the processes by IUL’s experts to tailor the reader according to your needs.




Are you ready to go to the next level of a rapid test reader?