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iPeak® expands its family with the iPeak®+, colorimetric lateral flow reader for your large cassettes, up to 7 lines in one strip and up to 5 strips in one cassette with the essence of the  iPeak®. With the breakthrough Flash Eye Technology, iPeak®+ is the perfect match for reading your cassettes, enhancing the colors of your strip, and removing the subjectivity of the eye human.  When the human eye cannot see the lines, the iPeak® can do it.  

iPeak®+ is also available for OEM full customization

IUL offers iPeak® technology for full OEM customization in different fields of application, such as Environmental and Industrial Microbiology, Medical, or Veterinary. With its ultimate 3D printing prototyping and manufacturing technology, iPeak® can customize, fast, flexible and affordable with minimal time-to-market and good value for money.

Do you want to brand your iPeak®+? 

Point-of-care   |   Health & Veterinary Diagnostics   |   Food Safety   |   Drug testing   |   Environmental   |   Research

Available as it is or change the colors and logos of the iPeak®+ for your OEM project.

Data exportation and Traceability

The results and images of the test are stored in the iPeak®+ internal memory and can be printed or exported by various means (USB memory, or Ethernet/Wi-Fi) following the secure HL7 protocol, the most used in hospital environments). Its barcode reader – which also reads QR or Datamatrix -allows quick identification of the sample.

Export the results to your server via SFTP, whenever and wherever the testing is performed.


AnalysisQualitative, quantitative or semi quantitative
Stored results200 (depending on the model), including results and images
Number of test lines per stripUp to 7 lines / strip
Up to 5 strips
Measurement time15 seconds, one strip, 2 lines
LanguagesEspañol, English, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Polski,  العربية


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Technical specifications

ConnectivityWi-Fi, Ethernet and LAN connectivity
USB Port for Printer Connectivity or Results Data Export
Sample traceabilityDatamatrix reading for complete sample traceability
Battery4h autonomy
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Including Tray
150 x 140 x 185 mm / 5.9 x 5.5 x 7.2 in
Weight900g / 1.98lb
ScreenColor, capacitive, 4.3’’ touch screen

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