iPeak® PoC Lateral Flow Reader available for OEM Full Customization

Lateral Flow assays are simple and inexpensive today, but readers are not. Although results can be obtained visually, as demand grows for more sensitivity, quantification, traceability, and connectivity, the need for reasonable cost-wise Lateral Flow Readers is increasing.  iPeak® is a PoC (Point of Care) Quantitative and Qualitative Lateral Flow Reader that ensures precise interpretation of results for both, routine sample testing and research and development applications.

iPeak® is an easy to use portable device with a small footprint. It delivers fast and accurate results with High Sensitivity and an outstanding Dynamic Range for visual, qualitative and quantitative, immunochromatographic assays.

It is designed to hold strips and cassettes of different sizes and shapes. It can read different Test Lines in the same strip and apply different color filters individually to each Line within the same strip. With its 7” capacitative touch screen and its built-in R&D software it is the perfect tool not only to read your daily samples but also to develop your own Tests.

It is equipped with RFID and Datamatrix reading for complete Sample Traceability, WiFi, Bluetooth® and LAN connectivity for interaction with portable devices such as Mobile Phones or Tablets, Cloud, local Networks, or the Internet. A Printer can be also connected to its USB port.

iPeak® can store a large amount of results, raw and processed images in its internal memory (from 16Gb to 256Gb depending on the model selected). It can be either battery or mains operated.

Available for OEM Full Customization

IUL offers iPeak® technology for full OEM customization in different fields of application, e.g. Environmental and Industrial Microbiology, Medical, or Veterinary. Depending on the features selected it can be miniaturized to a very small size, which makes it easy to transport, e.g. measurement of different hormone body levels, veterinary applications, food testing, etc. and where the user interface runs on an iOS® or Android® App.

With its ultimate 3D printing prototyping and manufacturing technology, IUL makes total customization, fast, flexible and affordable even for small quantities and with minimal time-to-market. Expensive and time-consuming plastic injection molds are no longer needed.

Click here for more information on the iPeak® reader for IVD in Human Healthcare (CE mark, FDA listed, and ISO13485 compliant).


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