Questions & Answers

Is the maXipig® just a Cooler?

No, it is much more than that, the maXipig® works as a light activator while keeping fresh semen doses at 17ºC (62ºF) during all the activation process. Doses must be stored in the fridge as usual, before the insemination the doses are placed in the maXipig® for a light cycle that takes 30 minutes, afterwards the doses are ready to be used as usual.

Why maXipig®?

maXipig is proving to be an extremely effective method to increase fertility and prolificacy. Using maXipig® reduces returning sows and increases litter size.

For how long are the doses activated?

All “in vivo” and “in vitro” trials show that the activation effect lasts for 90 minutes at least. It is recommended to perform the insemination with the activated doses as soon as possible.

Does the maXipig® work for all breeds and conditions?

The maXipig® is giving great results for all breeds tested until now. It shows a better performance when working with less productive breeds, like Duroc or Iberico.

Does the maXipig® work for all semen containers?

The maXipig® works enlightening semen, hence, a transparent container is needed. It works for bottles and tubes, ask for availability for other container formats.

Where can I purchase maXipig®?

Directly through our Website or placing an order by e-mail. We are building a distribution network. You may also wish to ask your local supplier for availability.